MP3 - Status Quo - Все Хиты

MP3 - Status Quo - Все Хиты

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Aquostic II - That's A Fact! (2016)

001. That's A Fact (Acoustic Version)
002. Roll Over Lay Down (Acoustic Version)
003. Dear John (Acoustic Version)
004. In The Army Now (Acoustic Version)
005. Hold You Back (Acoustic Version)
006. One For The Road (Acoustic Version)
007. Backwater (Acoustic Version)
008. One Of Everything (Acoustic Version)
009. Belavista Man (Acoustic Version)
010. Lover Of The Human Race (Acoustic Version)
011. Ice In The Sun (Acoustic Version)
012. Mess Of The Blues (Acoustic Version)
013. Jam Side Down (Acoustic Version)
014. Resurrection (Acoustic Version)
015. Lies (Acoustic Version)
016. Little Dreamer (Acoustic Version)
017. Living On An Island (Acoustic Version)
018. Is Someone Rocking Your Heart (Acoustic Version)
019. Rockers Rollin (Acoustic Version)

Aquostic (Stripped Bare) (2014)

001. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
002. Down The Dustpipe
003. Nanana
004. Paper Plane
005. All The Reasons
006. Reason For Living
007. And It's Better Now
008. Caroline
009. Softer Ride
010. Claudie
011. Break The Rules
012. Down Down
013. Rain
014. Rockin' All Over The World
015. Again And Again
016. Whatever You Want
017. What You're Proposing
018. Rock 'N' Roll
019. Don't Drive My Car
020. Marguerita Time
021. Rollin' Home
022. Burning Bridges
023. Rock 'Til You Drop

Bula Quo! (2013)

CD 1

001. Looking Out For Caroline
002. GoGoGo
003. Run and Hide (The Gun Song)
004. Running Inside My Head
005. Mystery Island
006. All That Money
007. Never Leave A Friend Behind
008. Fiji Time
009. Bula Bula Quo (Kua Ni Lega)

CD 2

001. Living On An Island (Fiji Style)
002. Frozen Hero
003. Reality Cheque
004. Rockin' All Over The World (Bula Edit)
005. Caroline (Live)
006. Beginning Of The End (Live)
007. Don't Drive My Car (Live)
008. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Live)
009. Whatever You Want (Live)
010. Down Down (Live)

In Search Of The Fourth Chord (2007)

001. Beginning Of The End
002. Alright
003. Pennsylvania Blues Tonight
004. I Don't Wanna Hurt You Anymore
005. Electric Arena
006. Gravy Train
007. Figure Of Eight
008. You're The One For Me
009. My Little Heartbreaker
010. Hold Me
011. Saddling Up
012. Bad News
013. Tongue Tied
014. One By One [bonus track, European edition]

Rock 'Til You Drop (1991)

001. Like A Zombie
002. All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)
003. Fakin' The Blues
004. One Man Band
005. Rock 'Til You Drop
006. Can't Give You More
007. Warning Shot
008. Let's Work Together
009. Bring It On Home
010. No Problems
011. Good Sign
012. Tommy
013. Nothing Comes Easy
014. Fame Or Money
015. The Price Of Love
016. Forty Five Hundred Times

Ain't Complaining (1988)

001. Ain't Complaining
002. Everytime I Think Of You
003. One For The Money
004. Another Shipwreck
005. Don't Mind If I Do
006. I Know You're Leaving
007. Cross That Bridge
008. Cream Of The Crop
009. The Loving Game
010. Who Gets The Love
011. Burning Bridges
012. Magic

In The Army Now (1986)

001. Rollin' Home
002. Calling
003. In Your Eyes
004. Save Me
005. In The Army Now
006. Dreamin'
007. End Of The Line
008. Invitation
009. Red Sky
010. Speechless
011. Overdose
012. Lonely [bonus]
013. Keep Me Guessing [bonus]
014. Don't Give It Up [bonus]
015. Heartburn [bonus]
016. Late Last Night [bonus]
017. Long Legged Girls [bonus]

Whatever You Want (1979)

001. Whatever You Want
002. Shady Lady
003. Who Asked You
004. Your Smiling Face
005. Living On An Island
006. Come Rock With Me
007. Rockin' On
008. Runaway
009. High Flyer
010. Breaking Away
011. Hard Ride [bonus track]
012. Bad Company [bonus track]
013. Another Game In Town [bonus track]
014. Shady Lady (demo) [bonus track]
015. Rearrange (demo) [bonus track]
016. Living On An Island (single version) [bonus track]

Blue For You (1976)

001. Is There A Better Way
002. Mad About The Boy
003. Ring Of A Change
004. Blue For You
005. Rain
006. Rolling Home
007. That's A Fact
008. Ease Your Mind
009. Mystery Song
010. You Lost The Love [bonus track]
011. Mystery Song (single version) [bonus track]
012. Wild Side Of Life [bonus track]
013. All Through The Night (bonus track)
014. Wild Side Of Life (demo) [bonus track]

On The Level (1975)

001. Little Lady
002. Most Of The Time
003. I Saw The Light
004. Over And Done
005. Nightride
006. Down Down
007. Broken Man
008. What To Do
009. Where I Am
010. Bye Bye Johnny

Quo (1974)

001. Backwater
002. Just Take Me
003. Break The Rules
004. Drifting Away
005. Don't Think It Matters
006. Fine Fine Fine
007. Lonely Man
008. Slow Train
009. Lonely Night [bonus track]

Hello! (1973)

001. Roll Over Lay Down
002. Claudie
003. Reason For Living
004. Blue Eyed Lady
005. Caroline
006. Softer Ride
007. And It's Better Now
008. Forty-Five Hundred Times

Piledriver (1972)

001. Don't Waste My Time
002. Oh Baby
003. A Year
004. Unspoken Words
005. Big Fat Mama
006. Paper Plane
007. All The Reasons
008. Roadhouse Blues

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