Roxette (включая новый альбом "Good Karma" и альбом "Demos from under the dust")*

Roxette (включая новый альбом "Good Karma" и альбом "Demos from under the dust")*

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Demos from under the dust

01. Dangerous (Demo)
02. Dressed for success (Demo)
03. Never is a long time (Demo)
04. The voice (Demo)
05. From head to toe (Demo)
06. I'm under your magic spell (Demo)
07. Drowning in you (Demo)
08. You turn me on (Demo)
09. Love spins (Demo)
10. Here comes the weekend (Demo)
11. Dance away (Demo)
12. Don't believe in accidents (Instrumental)
13. Perfect day (Demo)
14. Spending my time (Demo)
15. What's she like (Demo)
16. Beautiful things (Demo)

2016 - Remixes from under the dust

01. Neverending love (Love mix)
02. Voices (Montezuma version)
03. Goodbye to you (Remix)
04. Soul deep (7 Remix)
05. I want you (Digital lagerelds mix)
06. I call your name (12 Remix)
07. Dressed for success (Instrumental)
08. Listen to your heart (Orchestral version)
09. Chances (Dancehall version)
10. The look (Invisible dub)
11. Silver blue (Demo)
12. Dangerous (Dub)
13. Knockin' on every door (BomKrash 7 remix)
14. Milk and toast and honey (Active dance extended mix)

2016 - Good Karma

01. Why Dontcha
02. It Just Happens 03. Good Karma
04. This One 05. You Make It Sound So Simple
06. From A Distance
07. Some Other Summer
08. Why Don't You Bring Me Flowers
09. You Can't Do This To Me Anymore
10. 20 BPM
11. April Clouds

2012 - Travelling

01. Me & You & Terry & Julie
02. Lover Lover Lover
03. Turn Of The Tide
04. Touched By The Hand Of God
05. Easy Way Out
06. It's Possible (Version One)
07. Perfect Excuse
08. Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife
09. Angel Passing
10. Stars
11. The Weight Of The World
12. She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
13. See Me
14. It's Possible (Version Two)
15. It Must Have Been Love

2011 - Charm School

01. Way Out
02. No One Makes It On Her Own
03. She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
04. Speak To Me
05. I'm Glad You Called
06. Only When I Dream
07. Dream On
08. Big Black Cadillac
09. In My Own Way
10. After All
11. Happy On The Outside
12. Sitting On Top Of The World

2001 - Room Service

01. Real Sugar
02. The Centre Of The Heart
03. Milk And Toast And Honey
04. Jefferson
05. Little Girl
06. Looking For Jane
07. Bringing Me Down To My Knees
08. Make My Head Go Pop
09. Try
10. Fool
11. It Takes You No Time To Get Here
12. My World, My Love, My Life

1999 - Have A Nice Day

01. Crush On You
02. Wish I Could Fly
03. You Can't Put Your Arms Around What's Already Gone
04. Waiting For The Rain
05. Anyone
06. It Will Take A Long Long Time
07. 7Twenty7
08. I Was So Lucky
09. Stars
10. Salvation
11. Pay The Price
12. Cooper
13. Staring At The Ground
14. Beautiful Things
15. Quisiera Volar (Spanish Bonus Track)
16. Alguien (Spanish Bonus Track)
17. Lo Siento (Spanish Bonus Track)

1995 - Rarities

01. Vulnerable (Single Version)
02. Fingertips '93
03. Dressed for Success (Look Sharp US mix)
04. Joyride (MTV Unplugged version)
05. The Look (MTV Unplugged version)
06. Dangerous (MTV Unplugged version)
07. The Sweet Hello, the Sad Goodbye
08. The Voice
09. Almost Unreal (Demo. Febuary 93)
10. Fireworks (Jesus Jones Remix)
11. Spending My Time (Electric Dance Remix)
12. One Is Such a Lonely Number (Demo. September 87)

1994 - Crash! Boom! Bang!

01. Harleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky)
02. Crash!boom!bang!
03. Fireworks
04. Run To You
05. Sleeping In My Car
06. Vulnerable
07. The First Girl On The Moon
08. Place Your Love
09. I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars
10. What's She Like
11. Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way
12. Lies
13. I'm Sorry
14. Love Is All (Shine Your Light On Me)
15. Go To Sleep

1992 - Tourism

01. How Do You Do!
02. Fingertips
03. The Look (Live)
04. The Heart Shaped Sea
05. The Rain
06. Keep Me Waiting
07. It Must Have Been Love (Live Studio)
08. Cinnamon Street
09. Never Is A Long Time (Nightclub)
10. Silver Blue
11. Here Comes The Weekend (Hotelroom)
12. So Far Away (Hotelroom)
13. Come Back (Before You Leave)
14. Things Will Never Be The Same (Live)
15. Joyride (Live)
16. Queen Of Rain

1991 - Joyride

01. Joyride
02. Hotblooded
03. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
04. Knockin' On Every Door
05. Spending My Time
06. I Remember You
07. Watercolours In The Rain
08. The Big L.
09. Soul Deep
10. (Do You Get) Excited
11. Church Of Your Heart
12. Small Talk
13. Physical Fascination
14. Things Will Never Be The Same
15. Perfect Day

1988 - Look Sharp!

01. The Look
02. Dressed For Success
03. Sleeping Single
04. Paint
05. Dance Away
06. Cry
07. Chances
08. Dangerous
09. Half A Woman, Half A Shadow
10. View From A Hill
11. (I Could Never) Give You Up
12. Shadow Of A Doubt
13. Listen To Your Heart

1986 - Pearls Of Passion

01. Soul Deep
02. Secrets That She Keeps
03. Goodbye To You
04. I Call Your Name
05. Surrender
06. Voices
07. Neverending Love
08. Call Of The Wild
09. Joy Of A Toy
10. From One Heart To Another
11. Like Lovers Do
12. So Far Away
13. Pearls Of Passion
14. It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken-Hearted)
15. Turn To Me

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Очень рекомендую ,кто любит настоящую музыку.
Спасибо магазину.
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