Chris de Burgh (включая новый альбом "A Better World")

Chris de Burgh (включая новый альбом "A Better World")

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Better World (2016)

01. Hope In The Human Heart
02. Bethlehem
03. Once In A Lifetime
04. The Open Door
05. Heart And Soul
06. Chain Of Command
07. Confession
08. Homeland
09. Cry No More
10. Shipboard Romance
11. Falling Rain
12. All For Love
13. Hold On (I'm On My Way)
14. The Land Of The Free
15. The Soldier

The Hands Of Man (2014)

01. The Hands Of Man
02. There Goes My Heart Again
03. Big City Sundays
04. Where Would I Be
05. The Ghost Of Old King Richard
06. The Candlestick
07. Through These Eyes
08. The Keeper Of The Keys
09. Meridiem
10. Letting Go
11. When The Dream Is Over
12. Empty Rooms
13. The Bridge
14. The Fields Of Agincourt
15. One More Goodbye

Home (2012)

01. Waiting For The Hurricane
02. Tender Hands
03. Fatal Hesitation
04. Love & Time
05. Sailor
06. Living On The Island
07. It's Such A Long Way Home
08. Where We Will Be Going
09. Forevermore
10. Fire On Water
11. Suddenly Love
12. I Will
13. I'm Not Scared Anymore
14. Goodnight

Footsteps 2 (2011)

01. While You See A Chance
02. Let It Be
03. The Living Years
04. Blue Bayou
05. S.O.S
06. Seven Bridges
07. Lady Madonna
08. Time In A Bottle
09. Already There
10. In The Ghetto
11. Long Train Running
12. On A Christmas Night
13. Every Step Of The Way
14. Footsteps...The Footsteps 2 Theme (Alternat.Vers.)

Moonfleet & Other Stories (2010)

01. The Moonfleet Overture
02. The village of Moonfleet... (Narration)
03. The Light on the Bay
04. Have a Care
05. For two days and nights... (Narration)
06. Go Where Your Heart Believes
07. The Escape
08. And so it was... (Naration)
09. The Days of Our Age
10. The Secret of the Locket
11. With heavy heart... (Narration)
12. My Heart's Surrender
13. Treasure and Betrayal
14. Moonfleet Bay
15. The Storm
16. Greater Love
17. In the years that followed... (Narration)
18. The Moonfleet Finale
19. Everywhere I Go
20. The Nightingale
21. One Life, One Love
22. Why Mona Lisa Smiled
23. Pure Joy
24. People of the World

Footsteps (2008)

01. First Steps
02. Turn, Turn, Turn
03. The Long And Winding Road
04. Africa
05. Without You
06. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
07. Sealed With A Kiss
08. Blackbird
09. We Can Work It Out
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. Corrina Corrina
12. Crying In The Rain Rhythm Of The Rain
13. Polly Von
14. American Pie
15. The Last Thing On My Mind
16. Footsteps

The Storyman (2006)

01. The Storyman Theme
02. One World
03. Leningrad
04. My Father's Eyes
05. The Grace Of A Dancer
06. Spirit
07. The Shadow Of The Mountain
08. Raging Storm
09. The Mirror Of The Soul
10. The Sweetest Kiss Of All
11. The Storyman
12. My Father's Eyes (Ft. Hani Hussein)

The Road To Freedom (2004)

01. When Winter Comes
02. The Road To Freedom
03. Snow Is Falling
04. The Words I Love You
05. Songbird
06. Five Past Dreams
07. Here For You
08. What You Mean To Me
09. Rose Of England
10. The Journey
11. Read My Name

Quiet Revolution (1999)

01. When I Think Of You
02. Love Of The Heart Divine
03. Living In The World
04. The Same Sun
05. Nothing Ever Happens Round Here
06. A Woman's Heart
07. The Last Moments Of The Dawn
08. I See You Everywhere
09. Saint Peter's Gate
10. You Look Beautiful
11. Natasha Dance
12. Quiet Revolution

Power Of Ten (1992)

01. Where We Will Be Going
02. By My Side
03. Heart Of Darkness
04. In Your Eyes
05. Separate Tables
06. Talk To Me
07. The Connemara Coast
08. Brother John
09. Shine On
10. A Celebration
11. She Means Everything To Me
12. Making The Perfect Man

Flying Colours (1988)

01. Sailing Away
02. Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)
03. Tender Hands
04. A Night On The River
05. Leather On My Shoes
06. Suddenly Love
07. The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born)
08. Missing You
09. I'm Not Scared Anymore
10. Don't Look Back
11. Just A Word Away
12. The Risen Lord
13. The Last Time I Cried

Into The Light (1986)

01. Last Night
02. Fire On The Water
03. The Ballroom Of Romance
04. The Lady In Red
05. Say Goodbye To It All
06. The Spirit Of Man
07. Fatal Hesitation
08. One Word (Straight To The Heart)
09. For Rosanna
10. The Leader
11. The Vision
12. What About Me

Man On The Line (1984)

01. The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)
02. Sight And Touch
03. Taking It To The Top
04. The Head And The Heart
05. The Sound Of A Gun
06. High On Emotion
07. Much More Than This
08. Man On The Line
09. Moonlight And Vodka
10. Transmission Ends

The Getaway (1982)

01. Don't Pay The Ferryman
02. Living On The Island
03. Crying And Laughing
04. I'm Counting On You
05. The Getaway
06. Ship To Shore
07. All The Love I Have Inside
08. Borderline
09. Where Peaceful Waters Flow
10. The Revolution
11. Light A Fire
12. Liberty

Eastern Wind (1980)

01. The Traveller
02. The Record Company Bash
03. Tonight
04. Wall Of Silence
05. Flying Home
06. Shadow And Lights
07. Sailor
08. Some Things Never Change
09. Tourist Attraction
10. Eastern Wind

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