C.С.Catch + Sandra: Избранное (включая альбомы "The Very Best Of Sandra" и "30 Remixes Album")*

C.С.Catch + Sandra: Избранное (включая альбомы "The Very Best Of Sandra" и "30 Remixes Album")*

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30 Remixes Album (2015)

01. Strangers By Night (Long Version)
02. Unborn Love (Dj Schwede Remix)
03. Stay (Maxi Version)
04. Midnight Gambler (Maxi Edit)
05. The Decade 7'' Remix
06. Smoky Joe's Cafe (Ravel Disco Extended Mix)
07. Hollywood Nights (Rene Hatersson's Point Of View)
08. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Exclusive Radio Cut)
09. Are You Man Enough (Long Version Muscle Mix)
10. Don't Be A Hero (Ravel High Energy Mix)
11. One Night's Not Enough (Maxi Version)
12. Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Extended Mix)
13. Cause You Are Young (Edgar III Mix)
14. Heartbreak Hotel (D1mkas Whip Mix)
15. House Of Mystic Light (Long Dance Mix Version)
16. Cause You Are You Young (Maxi Version)
17. Baby I Need Your Love (Long Version)
18. One Nights Not Enough (Maxi Version)
19. Soul Survivor (Long Version - Survivor Mix)
20. Wild Fire (Explosion Remix)
21. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi Edit)
22. Back Seat Of Your Cadillac (12'' Version)
23. Cause You Are Young (Master Mix)
24. You Can't Run Aways From It (Eurobeat Mix)
25. Fire Of Love (Ravel Magic Fire Club Mix)
26. Heartbreak Hotel (Maxi Version)
27. Like A Hurricane (Ravel Disco Broadcast Mix)
28. Stay (Ravel Retro Re-Cut)
29. You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (Ravel High Energy Mix)

02. Неизданное

01. C.C.Catch - Silence (feat. Leela)
02. Juan Martinez feat. C.C.Catch - Unborn Love
03. C.C.Catch - How Does It Feel
04. C.C.Catch - Spring
05. Татьяна Овсиенко и C.C. Catch - Стоят девчонки
06. C.C.Catch & Отпетые мошенники - Мелодия лета
07. Juan Martinez feat C. C. Catch - I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
08. C.C. Catch - Good Guys Only Win In Movies (ValAleX Remix Edit)
30. Heaven And Hell (Rizzo Wolt Remix)

03. Big Fun (1988)

01.Backseat Of Your Cadillac
02.Summer Kisses
03.Are You Serious
04.Night In Africa
05.Heartbeat City
06.Baby I Need Your Love
07.Little By Little
08.Nothing But A Heartache
09.If I Feel Love
10.Fire Of Love

04. Like A Hurricane (1987)

1.Good Guys Only Win In Movies
2.Like A Hurricane
3.Smoky Joe's Cafe
4.Are You Man Enough
5.Don't Be A Hero
6.Soul Survivor
7.Midnight Gambler
8.Don't Wait Too Long
9.Dancing In Shadows

05. Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel (1986)

01.Heartbreak Hotel
02.Picture Blue Eyes
03.Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache
04.V.I.P (They're Callin' Me Tonight)
05.You Can't Run Away From It
06.Heaven And Hell
07.Hollywood Nights
08.Born On The Wind
09.Wild Fire
10.Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around

06. Catch The Catch (1986)

1.Cause You Are Young (12'' Version)
2.I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (12'' Version)
3.You Shot A Hole In My Soul (12'' Version)
4.One Night's Not Enough
5.Strangers By Night (12'' Version)
7.Jump In My Car (12'' Version)
8.You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (12'' Version)


01. The Very Best Of Sandra (2016)

Disk 1:

01. (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena
02. Everlasting Love
03. We'll Be Together ('89 Remix Single Version)
04. In The Heat Of The Night
05. Hiroshima
06. Little Girl
07. Hi! Hi! Hi!
08. One More Night
09. Such A Shame
10. Maybe Tonight
11. The Night Is Still Young [feat. Thomas Anders]
12. All You Zombies
13. La Vista De Luna
14. Don't Be Agressive
15. Innocent Love
16. Japan Ist Weit
17. Sekunden

Disk 2:

01. Secret Land
02. Stop For A Minute
03. Heaven Can Wait
04. Johnny Wanna Live
05. Loreen
06. Around My Heart
07. You And I (Edit)
08. Infinite Kiss
09. Forever
10. Nights In White Satin
11. Stay In Touch
12. You'll Be Mine
13. Just Like Diamonds
14. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity
15. Midnight Man (Remastered 2016)
16. Secrets Of Love (Club Mix] [feat. DJ Bobo]
17. In The Heat Of The Night (Tropical Future Remix By masQraider)

02. Stay In Touch (2012)

01. Stay In Touch
02. Infinite Kiss
03. Between Me & The Moon
04. Maybe Tonight
05. Moscow Nights
06. Heart Of Wax
07. Kings & Queens
08. Angels In My Head
09. Sand Heart
10. Love Starts With A Smile
11. Sun In Disguise

03. Fading Shades (1995)

01. Fading Shades (Part I)
02. Nights In White Satin
03. Son Of A Time Machine
04. Won't Run Away
05. Tell Me More
06. Will You Whisper
07. Invisible Shelter
08. You Are So Beautiful
09. I Need Love '95
10. First Lullaby
11. Fading Shades (Part II)

04. Close To Seven (1992)

01. Don't Be Aggressive
02. Mirrored In Your Eyes
03. I Need Love
04. No Taboo
05. When The Rain Doesn't Come
06. Steady Me
07. Shadows
08. Seal It Forever
09. Love Turns To Pain
10. Your Way To India

05. Paintings In Yellow (1990)

01. Hiroshima
02. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity
03. Johnny Wanna Live
04. Lovelight In Your Eyes
05. One More Night
06. The Skin I'm In
07. Paintings In Yellow
08. The Journey
09. Hiroshima (Extended Club Mix)

06. Into A Secret Land (1988)

01. Secret Land
02. We'll Be Together
03. Heaven Can Wait
04. Just Like Diamonds
05. Around My Heart
06. Crazy Juliet
07. La Vista De Luna
08. Celebrate Your Life
09. Children Of England

07. Mirrors (1986)

01. The Second Day
02. Don't Cry (The Breakup of the World)
03. Hi! Hi! Hi!
04. Midnight Man
05. You'll Be Mine
06. Innocent Love
07. Two Lovers Tonight
08. Mirror Of Love
09. Loreen

08. The Long Play (1985)

01. In The Heat Of The Night
02. On The Tray (Seven Years)
03. Little Girl
04. You And I
05. (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena
06. Heartbeat (That's Emotion)
07. Sisters And Brothers
08. Change Your Mind

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